Amazon just introduced another fee called the “ Return processing fee. “

Let me explain this to you with the simplest example possible.

So Imagine you sold 1,000 items of your product in April 2024. Over April, May, and June 2024, customers ended up returning 120 of those items.

The new Order processing fee rule is: If more than 10% of the items you sold are returned within the month you sold them, and the following months, you must pay extra fees.

Since 10% of 1,000 is 100, you’re allowed up to 100 returns without additional charge. However, you had 120 items returned, which is 20 more than the allowed 100.

So, you must pay extra fees for these 20 extra returned items.

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Amazon really is trying to do everything they can to help TEMU and TikTok shop succeed.


Aww thats great. more fees. Cant wait to be able to pay all of them

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Wow amazon adding some flair to the chaos :upside_down_face:

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I think they want to shut everyone’s business :frowning:

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Very helpful, thank you for sharing