Amazon is rejecting my Payoneer statement

Hi guys,

Ive been uploading a PDF file of my payoneer bank statement, but I keep getting this message:

“We were unable to verify the Payoneer account statement that you provided because it was not in PDF format. We accept only original Payoneer account statements in PDF format.”

Any ideas ?

Make sure that you have a PDF version of your Payoneer account statement.

If you don’t have one, you can usually convert other file formats (like Word or Excel) to PDF using online conversion tools or by using the “Save As” option in your document software.

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Did u download the special amazon statement from payoneer ?- its different from the normal one its specifically for amazon

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This is the one I uploaded in PDF format. But says its not in PDF


They did same to me . They rejected over and over again. I had to switch to wise and thats the only time they accepted - i got a digitally signed statement from wise

How can you change from payoneer to wise?

Open a wise business account . Change ur deposit method on amazon. U have to pay 45 dollars one of fee to open it . But its better than keeping getting rejected

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