Amazon Holds Money

Hello, my account was suspended 110 days ago. However, there is about 5000 GBP remained in my account. Amazon said that they will pay after 90 days from the suspension.

However, they just sent the below e mail at the end of the 90 days. They said that they will validate my information in 5 business days to pay. However, they did not. I created so many cases and send so many e-mails, but there is no response, and today I received the same automatic e-mail again.

I really need the money that remained in my account. However, Amazon unethically does not answer. I even called them three times, and they just create cases, but no responses to cases. I believe they just use our money, and this is very frustrating.

Many of our customers send great feedbacks. We delivered all the items on time. I would like to sue them. Can anyone help me?

Dear Seller,

Currently your information is being validated. During the validation process, we will hold your disbursement. If we need any additional information we will contact you. If we do not contact you, the information will be verified within 5 business days.

For any assistance related to Selling on Amazon or other Amazon services, please check our FAQs ( ) or contact Seller support ( ).

What was the suspension reason?

Unfortunately, in cases when it has something to do with authenticity issues, Amazon may withold all funds if you fail to provide them valid invoices.

This is all mentioned in their Anti-counterfeiting Policy, which you agreed at the time of registration.


Based on other seller’s past posts, I would advise you to try getting your funds by legal means - using the Small Claims Court.