Amazon has put my money into reserve


I was supposed to get my money on 3/08/23. However, amazon has put the money in reserve. I changed my deposit method for Inform Consumer Act.

Was the change of deposit method the reason for the withholding of funds??

Will I get my money soon?

Kindly respond.

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thank you for joining our forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your funds being withheld.

Whenever you add or change your bank account information, a three-day security hold goes into effect. Fund transfers cannot be initiated until the hold expires.

Once the security hold period expires (unless you make additional changes), the funds will be released.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.

there’s been an update.
My bank account has been approved!

However the amount I was supposed to receive on 3/08/2023 is still showing in reserve…

What does your experience says about this? Reserved balance will be released soon on 3/08/2023? If I don’t get money on 3/08/23. I would have to arrange money for rent.

Hi, well you should wait until 3.August to see if the disbursement goes ahead.

Could you post a screenshot of your Statement View page to see what does it say?

Update! Money put into reserve has been unreserved.

However, another transaction started on 20/07/23 was cancelled and the 904$ can’t be traced anywhere on the Seller Central. It’s like they vanished.

Kindly tell me what to do about it.

The tranasaction was initiated for a Bank Account made on my own LLC Details. Amazon asked for Bank Account with ‘‘Personal Name’’ on the statement.

I’m afraid amazon has kept my 904$

@Kika What to do?

Please ignore this and absolutely don’t worry. They cancelled your original disbursement which was in progress at the time when you updated your Seller Account details.

Now, the balance should be made available to you again and disbursed at your next scheduled transfer date.

Thankyou @Kika for being so super duper helpful than the trillion dollar ponzi scheme Amazon without hundreds and thousands of so called support agents.

I received one payment which was initiated after the 904$ vanished from seller central. Wasn’t Amazon supposed to give them with this payment??

Or would I have to wait for another 14 days?

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You are welcome, I am glad to hear that things are starting to clear up. Following the update of your banking details, it may take a while for all of the balance to get disbursed to you.

A “Started” disbursement indicates that the cycle has initiated and you will receive an automated disbursement on the due date shown at the bottom of the Statement view page:

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