Amazon has deactivated our Amazon Pay selling account without notice with pending payments


Our Amazon Pay selling account has recently been suspended, without any notice. We had orders from customers that were pending payment, as they haven’t been dispatched at the time of the suspension, which was on a weekend. The orders have been dispatched, and we only realised that the Amazon account is suspended, when the payments for those orders didn’t come in when the order was marked as dispatched.

I have appealed the suspension multiple times, only once I received a response that Amazon can’t reply to a different email address, other than the email address registered to this account. This was such an irrelevant response, as I was using the exact same email address.

I have replied multiple times, but have been totally ignored. This has been going on for over a month now, and we have thousands of pounds outstanding, for orders that the customers haven’t even been charged.

Please someone reply to me how to proceed.


so why has your payment account been suspended ?

are you registered as a private seller and they now require you to register as a business ?

Is your bank account awaiting verification ?

GO to performance notifications - what does it say ?

login to your account and check there is not other emails attached in user or anyway on the account info

We are registered as a business and have been selling successfully for the past few years.

Apparently, the account was suspended because we are selling products against the Amazon policy (was never aware of this, but may be a new thing)

We have denied your application for Amazon Pay because the products you sell do not comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.

***Amazon Pay may not be used in conjunction with the sale of Cuban Rum and Tobacco. ***

To learn more about this policy, please see our Acceptable Use Policy

Now my question is, how do we at least complete the payments for those orders that have been sent to the customers, who purchased before the account was suspended.

Had you previously allowed payments through for these products before you put the rules in place? Had you contacted Amazon prior to any of this to say that your site sold Amazon prohibited articles, but the Amazon Pay would not be enabled for transactions where such items were purchased?

I imagine Amazon probably would have issue with their payment logo appearing on a site the sells such products (both Cuban products and any tobacco product are forbidden) even if checkout wasn’t possible?

Yes, we have previously allowed Amazon payments for all products on the website, and only added the rules after our account was deactivated. After we have put the rules in place, I sent screenshots to Amazon to inform them about the steps that I’ve taken to ensure we don’t break the rules again. However, no one came back to me to inform me if this is enough, or we will need to remove the products from the website entirely before the account can be reinstated.

My main issue is that in the meantime, before the account is reinstated we can’t charge the customers for the orders that have already been sent out.

You probably won’t. Even if you can get your Amazon pay account reinstated there is no guarantee that those payments will be transacted. Do you have any form of dashboard with Amazon Pay to show the status of the payments or is everything just pending? I don’t image the payments will be able to stay pending indefinitely. - usually card payment processing will time out after 15 minutes.

Amazon will presumably say the payments haven’t been processed, you shouldn’t have shipped the goods?

The way it works with Amazon is they secure the payment from the customer, and they only release the money to the seller once the order is marked as dispatched. Problem is that the orders were marked as dispatched after the account was suspended.