Amazon Greedy….. Sponsored adverts strategy

Hi Guys

Does anyone see the different of you sellers when you compare with few years back. When we start amazon account 4 years ago we never advertise our listing and we had good sales. We only played with keywords and listing contents. Now if you didn’t advertise you can’t get any sales. Amazon making millions out of it. This is like a Dog race now. They put us in to the track and watching we are fighting to get sales. People who big money get more sales. Specially big Chinese factories . I think time to leave amazon market place. Our ACoS is very high on each products. Can’t win… .Our Some products ACoS gone up to 129% . Who make money out of Adverts ???. Our sales going down day by day with high expenses. Only Amazon and Chinese factories making money . Not us. Very disappointing . …:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

What you need to consider is that the number of Amazon Sellers has increased significantly . A whole slew of courses on how to sell on Amazon have been released in the past few years . Promising riches , that really was chiefly made by the course sellers , selling courses , rather than selling products .

This has increased competition significantly as more and more people join the ecommerce race . It will only get more competitive . Thats why customer acquisition costs so much more now .