Amazon giving me the run around

I have been very very patient. Now my patience has ran out Amazon. Back in December you charged my account by £30 I told you I don’t use the account and to refund my money you did in my account. For the last 4 months I have been trying to transfer the money from my account to my card without success you keep telling me every week that payment has not gone through please update your card details double checked card details are correct obviously because you had no problem taking the £30 from it but strange how you can’t refund it. We are now coming up to May that’s 5 months I’ve been chasing £30 from you. Close my account and send me my money. Oh and message after message I’ve sent you to just be ignored.

The seller forums aren’t a good way to contact Amazon, but are a good way to contact fellow sellers.

A few questions:-

  • Have you downgraded your account? Seller Central > Settings > Your Services - Manage > Downgrade
  • Have you requested a refund? Seller Central > Help > Contact Us > Selling on Amazon > (type anything into the box) Get help > Your account > Other account issues
  • Is there a valid credit or debit card on file? Seller Central > Settings > Payment Information > Charge Method
  • Is there a valid bank account on file? Seller Central > Settings > Payment Information > Bank Account Information

I am not aware of Amazon offering sellers the option of being able to transfer funds to a card.

You will need to have them disbursed into your bank account.