Amazon funds Disbursement (final decision recieved)

Hi all Experts…!!
Kindly let me know how to deal with funds which got final decision from amazon
“funds will not disburse to you and its a final decision”…:

Hello @Ammkk,

I am sorry to hear that Amazon refused to release you the funds. What marketplace is this?

In Europe, you should be able to easily obtain the funds by sending Amazon a letter before action.

In the US, there has recently been a court decision which granted the release of funds to an Amazon Seller as well.


Its USA marketplace

How should I proceed through appeals because I mailed to disbursement team and I got final decision


If you are unable to have the funds released by regular means, then you will need to hire an attorney to contact Amazon on your behalf seeking the reimbursement.

Try this (I found it on FB):




  • Optional: send physical document with a picture of your ID (front and back) to Amazon headquarters,

410 Terry Ave. N Seattle, WA 98109

  • Where I sent it:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions I’m here to help


410 Terry Ave. N Seattle, WA. 98109

Re: Demand for payment To whom it may concern:

Please be advised that Amazon owes me the sum of $______ and I was told by Amazon in an email and by phone that I would receive my funds 90 days after the suspension of my selling privileges on as long as there are no unresolved A-Z claims. There are no unresolved A-Z claims on my account, I have not engaged in fraudulent or illegal activities and I have respectfully made several attempts to receive my funds you are holding. All of my customers have either received the items they purchased or have received a refund.

This will be your only chance to settle this matter before I file suit against Amazon in Small Claims Court. We can discuss a lump sum payment, or a payment plan. Please contact me on or before Oct _____, 2022 for purposes of settling this matter. If I do not hear from you on or before Oct ____,2022, I will file a lawsuit against you without further notice. It is in your best interest to settle this matter before a lawsuit is filed. If a judgment is obtained you will be ordered to pay the debt plus 10 % interest and court fees. Additionally, your ability to get credit may be effected.

Based on the foregoing, I expect payment in the amount of $_____ made payable to me, , no later than Oct____, 2022. (I can be reached at the phone number or address above.) If you decide to ignore this demand for payment, I will further pursue all legal remedies available without further notice. This letter serves as evidence that I have attempted to resolve this matter informally.


Send funds via bank deposit or check to address below.


Account Owner:

Account #:

Routing #:

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This appeal seems too harsh, will it solve the problem? And has anyone solved their problem with it?

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Sadly, you have very limited options how to recover a withheld payment from Amazon.

Hello @Ammkk
Dealing with a final decision from Amazon regarding fund disbursement can indeed be frustrating. From our experience at Aplus Global Ecommerce, there are often avenues for appeal or further discussion, especially if there have been recent developments or additional documentation to present.

We can assist in recovering your funds on hold with a 100% guarantee.

If you need expert assistance in exploring your options and potentially overturning this decision, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to offer guidance and support in resolving this matter.

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