Amazon fees too high

Hello everybody.

Im about to ship a product to AMZ FBA warehouse, the product is 12x9x2,5 cm and the weight is 100 grams.

Amazon has just informed me that the fee will be around 8$

This seems a lot to me, do Amazon calculate this from the price or from weight and size?

And is it possible to bring this number down?

All the best

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There are 2 charges. Amazon commission is calculated on a percentage of the selling price.

FBA fulfillment fee is calculated by size and weight.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fee is a flat fee per unit, based on the size and weight of the product. Use the size tiers, to calculate the shipping weight and fee that will be applied.

FBA Fees

The Revenue Calculator is a preview tool that allows you to compare revenue estimates for products based on the fulfillment channel used. Easily see which fees apply to each fulfillment option and enter sales volume estimates to calculate total proceeds, as well as per-unit sold estimates.

Revenue Calculator