Amazon FBA is experiencing issues with workflows and shipment creation

Hello everyone,

if you are having issues creating FBA shipments today, you are not the only one. There is a significant technical issue impacting the entire US Amazon marketplace, which causes all Send to Amazon workflows to get stuck in the half-way to completion with an error message stating:


Something has gone wrong. Try refreshing the page. If that does not

work, please delete the workflow and create a new one.

After consulting the Seller Support, I have been told that they are working on it so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.


I have been having problems since this morning with the STA function. The workflow gets stuck at step 1b. I created new workflows, used different browsers, and cleared my cookies but to no avail. I contacted support but they are giving me cookie cutter answers. I don’t even think they read anything I send them.

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Same here. Just going around and around and around. Reset. Delete workflow, start over… same thing. It’s getting stuck on the calculating fulfillment centers part.

There is now a banner on the forum as well: