Amazon fashion - sponsored products ppc on jewellery

I was ploughing through Qs here re sponsored products & found post with copy of category eligibility criteria for sponsored product ads that DOES NOT include jewellery. Hang on - I thought - I’ve seen top of page SP ads for jewellery, are they deliberately listing in diff category to workaround. Turns out they’re all listed on Amazon Fashion where you can obv advertise but still appear on standard product listings. Anyone any idea how that works!?

Yes, you’re correct in noticing that some products, including jewelry, may appear in Sponsored Products ads even if they’re not explicitly listed in the category eligibility criteria. This can sometimes be due to Amazon’s broader categorization and how products are displayed across different sections of the platform.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Amazon Fashion Category: Amazon Fashion is a separate category on the platform that encompasses a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more. Sellers who list their products under Amazon Fashion can use Sponsored Products ads to promote their items within this category.
  2. Categorization and Display: While some products might not be eligible for Sponsored Products ads in their specific categories, they could still fall under the Amazon Fashion umbrella. Sellers can choose to list their products in Amazon Fashion even if they wouldn’t be eligible for ads in their original categories.
  3. Ad Placement: When sellers list products in Amazon Fashion, they gain the opportunity to use Sponsored Products ads to promote those items. These ads might appear both within Amazon Fashion’s dedicated section and alongside standard product listings, especially if the product’s attributes align with relevant search queries.
  4. Ad Relevance: Amazon’s ad algorithms consider product attributes, search terms, and relevancy when deciding where to display Sponsored Products ads. If a piece of jewelry listed under Amazon Fashion is relevant to a user’s search query, it might be eligible to appear in the Sponsored Products ad slot, even if it wouldn’t have been eligible based on its original category.
  5. Comprehensive Reach: By listing products in Amazon Fashion, sellers can tap into a wider audience and potentially appear in more ad placements, even if the original category had specific restrictions.

It’s worth noting that Amazon’s platform is complex, and the behavior of Sponsored Products ads can be influenced by a variety of factors including categorization, ad relevance, keywords, bid amounts, and more. Sellers often leverage Amazon Fashion as a way to reach a broader audience and use Sponsored Products ads to promote their products across different categories, ultimately enhancing their visibility and sales potential.