Amazon Double Seal Shipping Requirements for Liquids in Plastic Bottles with Caps

I am trying to ship a hot sauce product which falls under the liquid and topical product category. Due to this, Amazon has a shipping requirement of “double seal”. This sauce comes in a plastic bottle with a tamper cap similar to one that comes with a Coca-Cola or Sprite plastic bottle. You cannot open it without breaking the seal. Would this count as a double seal?

Hi @sameer

A double seal is defined as a tightened lid that cannot be easily opened.

Definition of a double seal

When you view the examples, I believe your product falls into the double sealed category.


Thank you. So it seems like I will rather sell them on eBay. Too much hassle.


@sameer that’s not my interpretation. This was used as an acceptable example.


I think your double seal falls into this category.


I am concerned about the plastic wrapping which is not present on my products. It seems to me that there is only 1 seal snd not double seal.

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Oh, OK. Thank you for clarifing.

The picture of your product appears to have a double seal. Can you change the packaging to provide a double seal that is a requirement for FBA?

If not, you can still sell them and fulfill the orders yourself.


The products were ordered from a wholesaler and I do not have any means to tamper with them. At least I’m now familiar with the requirements and will choose ones with a double seal next time.


@sameer there is a lot to learn about the FBA platform. I wishes you much success.