Amazon display ads not available?

Hi everyone,

Hope someone experienced in this field can help me with my questions.

  1. Is Amazon ‘display ads’ re-targeting ads? (I want to show my ads to people who has viewed my products before)
  2. Why can’t I find the option to do the display ads in my account? After I clicked “create campaign”, there are two options for me:
  • one is sponsored products (which i am already doing),
  • the other one is sponsored brands.

But I didn’t see display ads anywhere, why is this?

Yes, Amazon ‘display ads’ can be considered a form of re-targeting ads. Display ads on Amazon allow you to show your advertisements to shoppers who have previously viewed your products, visited your store, or shown interest in your brand. This form of targeted advertising aims to re-engage potential customers and remind them about your products, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

It’s possible that the ‘display ads’ option may not be available for all Amazon sellers. Amazon occasionally rolls out features gradually, based on seller eligibility and location. If you don’t see the option for display ads when you click “create campaign,” it could be because your account isn’t eligible, the category is restricted or you don’t have sufficient user permissions.