Amazon Connect app not working + Prime badge taken away

I’ve had my SFP Prime badge removed from my ASINs today as I haven’t being buying Prime shipping from Amazon.
Reason for me not buying the shipping is that the Amazon Connect app does not print labels with customer addresses on them, I’ve raised this 7 times with Amazon with no actual useful outcome.
I’ve been redirected to sellerperformance@ amazon, and this email doesn’t respond, so it seems I can’t resolve the whole issue and after 4-5 months of tyhe same issue, Amazon have just removed my Prime badge, which is hugely disappointing as my sales are 50% YOY (albeit from a small base).
If anyone has any sggestions on how to speak with the people who run Amazon Connect label app, I would be interested and grateful to hear the advice.

According to the Amazon Connect Help Page:

you should be able to contact them using this link:

Thank you Kika I got my Prime badge back now and started using FBA too due to the volumes going up, thanks again

That’s nice to hear. I am glad you managed to get your Prime badge back :slight_smile: