Amazon charged my business account instead of my personal one

Today amazon has taken the prime membership fee of 7.99£ from my business account that i have on my seller account. They should of taking it from my personal account but i have lost my card and forgot to update my bank account details on the app. Are they allowed to do this? I have never said that they can charge me for my personal stuff from my business account and i have never put the business bank details on my personal account. They should of just cancek the prime membership no? Aren’t the personal and seller account different accounts?
I’ve opened a case and they said they can’t do nothing about the 7.99 but they give me back the seller subscription fee of 30£.
My question is how can i explain the 7.99 to the taxman if someone asks?

As you see, Amazon will charge any card on file available, regardless if it’s entered in the buyer or seller part of your account, in case you owe them money.

This is the reason why you need to be careful and ensure that there are always enough funds in the primary card.