Amazon charged me almost $2000 for a removal order

I submitted a removal order for 883 units, and was charged a total of $1914 USD - any idea why so much?

The weight is 1.79 lbs per unit, so according to the FBA fee schedule I thought the cost would be $0.35 per item.

It’s really upsetting that there was no cost transparency until after it’s been completed… That totally wipes out profits.

That is how amazon operates, too bad you found out after the fact. With your relationship with amazon they are the only ones that make money. Sellers are the chumps in amazon’s eyes and treated as such.


That’s not true.

Removal Order fees haven’t been in the $.30 range since I removed all my inventory “many moons ago.”

Last November, Amazon published new FBA rates. Prior to January 17, 2023, the fee for removal of items weighing 1.79 lbs was $1.14 per unit. After January 17, 2023, the new fee for your units jumped to $2.20.

See the Article 2023 FBA removal and disposal order fee changes for details.


To gain a better understanding of the charges, it’s advisable to review the detailed breakdown of the removal order charges through your Amazon seller account. This will help you identify the specific factors contributing to the higher cost.

They charge FBA for removal. Would need to see the charge I doubt that’s just for removal.

I downloaded the transactions, you can see them all listed here and they’re all for the same order ID (the removal request of the 883 units)

That’s about right: $2.20 x 883 = $1942.60

The difference between: $1942.60 and $1914.00 = $28.60 / $2.20 = 13 units exactly

So far, they’ve only found 870 units. The others may have been sold and/or damaged or missing. Since they are fulfilling your removal order from everywhere the total number of units can fluctuate.


Okay, thank you for the insight

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Amazon Canada is running a free removal promotion. They’ve done that here. I wish you could have removed them for free.

All the best…

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