Amazon Brand Registry rejected over improper manufacturer agreement

I was wondering if anyone could assist me. (I did reach out to customer support who told me I had to reach out to brand registry in which I will but I was going to see if I could get any insight here.) When I initially started fba I did not get a trademark/ LLC because I wanted to make sure I was able to make sales on my product and not waste money on the trade mark/ LLC.

Well I have made enough sales where I have started my LLC and got my trademark. My issue is with brand registry. I submitted my paperwork and they rejected the application due to improper “manufacturer agreement”. They did not specify what part of it was incorrect.

I got my product from alibaba and I just used the trade assurance contract as my agreement. If that is not proper, what agreement do I need to have and if I have to make one myself, can I go back and have them sign it for the past purchase or would I have to make a whole new product order and them them sign something?

I am pretty sure that is dependent upon on the rules of the country you are listing on and are from.
It would be the docs you get from the actual brand owner that specifically state you can use their IP.


To meet Amazon’s Brand Registry requirements, you may need a customized manufacturer agreement specifying your branding and quality control standards. You can create a new agreement for future orders or negotiate with your existing manufacturer to sign a revised agreement for past purchases. Hope this helpful for you!


LLC are so inexpensive for this to be the thing to catch you up. Too bad you didn’t know what a challenge it would be later. Do you have an invoice or correspondence from the manufacturer? That’s what I used. Need to show relationship between manufacturer and your product with trademark on it, or on packaging.

To sort out the brand registry issue, you can create a detailed manufacturer agreement, different from the Alibaba trade assurance contract. Get your current supplier to sign it, even for past purchases. This should address the brand registry requirements.


Thank you so much for your comments.