Amazon Australia marketplace is deactivated due to order not fulfilled after confirming shipment and there is no option on my seller central or any-where to access australia marketplace

My Amazon seller account Australia marketplace was deactivated back in Aug 2021 due to order not fulfilled after confirming shipment. Now when I try to reactivate this and starting researching on it, I have seen that there is no option in my seller central to access the Australia marketplace nor on anywhere, and when I try to access direct by putting my login credentials on the login page, there is open a page of selecting the marketplaces for where you access, but also there I can’t see the Australia marketplace name, and when I open the global account section from my main marketplace there I see the Australia marketplace name, but there is no any option to access it. So I wrote a detailed email to Amazon regarding this matter and I get a reply. The email is,
(We reviewed your submission. At this time, we are unable to confirm delivery of your recent seller-fulfilled orders and do not have enough information to reinstate your account.

As a reminder, your Amazon seller account was deactivated because we have information that it has been used to engage in deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity. We will continue to keep your Amazon seller account deactivated to prevent harm to our customers, other selling partners, and our store until you are able to provide the information listed below.

Please submit an explanation from the email that you used to register your Amazon account. Your explanation should include the following information:
– Tracking information for recently shipped self-fulfilled orders.
– Evidence of fulfillment or delivery of recently shipped self-fulfilled orders that may include buyer confirmation of receipt or proof of delivery documentation.
– The address (URL or store address) of other stores (including other Amazon accounts) where you sell these products and can demonstrate proof of delivery.
– Evidence to support identification of your business, e.g., business website or email, company bank information, or business registration information, if this is not already available on your Amazon account. Ensure your account is updated with your latest business information.
– In the case where you are facing genuine logistics issues or delays, provide reasons and supporting evidence associated with any delays in your order delivery.

We will not consider your submission if your request does not provide evidence that you will no longer pose a risk.

Thank you,
now the issue is I don’t have access to the Australia marketplace so how I can collect the data that he required, and I remember that I don’t have all the required information. But I remember that this violation is occurring because of my carrier service that I used to ship orders, they were mostly delivered the items late.
Kindly give me the road map how to resolve the issue and recover the access of my Australian marketplace access and reactivate the account. And my other marketplaces are also deactivated by linked to this.

Kind regards.


Hello @zohaib ,

thank you for posting on our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to alleged violations of Seller Code of Conduct.

This appears to be a failed velocity review. Account reviews are normal when you are experiencing a sudden increase in selling volume.

Most of them allow you to continue selling while your performance is being reviewed, however if your account was suspended and you would like to get reinstated and lift the review, you can appeal by providing Amazon this:

  • How long you’ve been in business

  • The sources of your inventory

  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon

  • The availability of items for shipping

  • The address of any retail locations

  • Links to other Amazon websites where you are actively selling

  • Tracking information for recently dispatched orders

  • Your tax number

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Never confirm shipment and then refund, this is the worst thing you can do

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This is the very first notification that i recieved from amazon, do you think that first i need to apply for a retraction from brand. and kindly review the notification and give me the best suggestion.


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Thank you for the information, so it appears like there were additional issues which negatively impacted your Seller Account.

You were not approved to list specific brands and instead of applying for approval or selling something else, you listed against listings where the brand name was incorrect.

This will require a detailed Plan of Action and also invoices from a new supplier.