Amazon asking to verify my identity


i got a question i got this email from amazon asking me to verify my identity, do you guys know if i need to submit all the questions that they are asking?
Because is asking me about my information about my business but im a solo proprietor thanks

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I see it hasn’t changed since I went to this rigmarole a few years ago.

I am a sole proprietor. Yes, it’s all the questions, provide all the documentation. Including your business license. Depending what state you in, they could just simply be your certificate to collect income tax. As for bank statements, just provide your drivers license, front and back, and the most recent bank statement. Make sure the names and address match.


As Onnie says, provide Amazon all requested information. Even though you are a sole proprietor, you are still a business.

In case anything is missing, you will receive a follow-up e-mail from them once you upload what they asked for.


If you are a sole proprietor, you will only need to submit the documents that are specifically listed for sole proprietors. You do not need to submit all of the documents that are listed for businesses.


I already did and they declined the info no matching ID number i just moved from Florida to North Carolina and replaced my license and they change the ID numbers when i moved