Amazon Account Deactivated

Hi everyone!
Seems like I got into this loophole as well.
I have tried and tried and tried to get my suspension back last year and then I gave up.
I decided to give it one more try and try and reactivate my account if anyone can help me.
Like many sellers, I had just started on Amazon and things were going reasonably well until one other competitor seller decided to claim his product back and sell exclusively, suspending my account.
The problem is that I did have all the permissions necessary to resell the product since I had an invoice from an authorized and recognised reseller. The claim of the seller who got my account suspended was that my product was a copycat of his, basically that it was fake and so I was selling a counterfeit product.
I have tried to personally contact the seller to explain that I bought the product from a reseller as well without any success. Now after many attempts to explain myself, I got unjustly shut down, when I was actually conducting a legal and legit business.
Can I close this account and open a new one? Or will they reject me?

Here’s what Amazon says about reinstating my account:

Your Amazon seller account has been deactivated because one or more of your listings violate Amazon’s intellectual property policies.
Amazon does not allow offers that violate the intellectual property rights of brands or their owners
You can view your violations on the Account Status page
Click here for more detailed information
Select the type of intellectual property violation that led to your account being disabled (select all that apply):
Copyright protects original works of authorship, such as videos, films, songs, books, musicals, video games, and paintings.
A registered trademark is a word, symbol or design, or a combination of these elements (for example a trademark or a logo), that a company uses to identify its own goods or services and to distinguish them from the goods and services of other companies.
A patent is a form of legal protection for inventions that gives its owner the right to prevent others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing the invention for a fixed number of years.
Select and confirm the following actions you completed (select one):

I have corrected my non-compliant inventory listings

I will not sell offers that I am unable to fix.
Provide the list of ASINs you deleted and a brief explanation of how they violated your intellectual property policies:(e.g. ASIN#123456789: a brief explanation of why the ASIN has infringed intellectual property rights and has been removed)
Please identify the root cause of the infringement that led to our intervention on your account and provide a corrective action plan detailing the actions you intend to take to prevent future intellectual property infringements. (Select all that apply):
Lack of staff training
Unverifiable supplier
Poor quality or inventory management
Lack of staff training
Unverifiable supplier
Poor quality or inventory management
What is the problem encountered?
Provide supporting documents for corrective actions implemented

Drag files here or select a file .
Accepted file formats: Images (jpeg, gif, tiff, png), documents (pdf, docx, txt), spreadsheets (xlsx, csv), emails (eml). The maximum total size must be 10 MB.
No file chosen

Was your account deactivated by mistake?
If you believe your account was deactivated in error, please provide an explanation here .

You will be asked to explain and provide additional documentation or supporting evidence. If you want to understand what the problem is, we invite you to fill out the questionnaire mentioned above.
We are here to help you
View your account performance in the Account Health Dashboard .
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Hello @SoniaFarrah,

I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to alleged Intellectual Property Rights Infringement. From your post it appears like you are not being asked for a Plan of Action - Amazon wants you to tick boxes and also submit the proof of authenticity, therefore this shouldn’t be difficult at all.

As a new seller, I would strongly advise you to avoid any battles with competitors. It would be helpful if you posted a picture or some information about the competitor’s product and your own product for better advice.

Were you sharing the same listing or did you have a separate listing? What was the product?

Maybe @Akmal will be also able to advise.


I have no personal experience, but this Facebook group I’ve followed for years and have seen all kinds of people getting suspended and reinstated. Some don’t for sure, but I bet you can find some real experience on the subject here.

Ed Rosenberg is a very big name in the Amazon world. Has helped a lot of people.

Send me the last notifications and appeal which u sent