Amazon accept order confirmation email(my adress,product with picture,dates are shown)as invoice?

I source directly from brand owner’s website and they dont provide invoice.


Nope, you will need an invoice

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No they won’t

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The brand doesnt provide invoice,in the confirmation letter everything is exist,my adress,quantity,date,picture of products, etc.

Some people say yes some says no I got confused

They won’t, my friend. Generally, suppliers provide proforma invoices or commercial invoices, both of which are acceptable.

It is well known cosmetic brand,I directly ordered from their website,And then I found out that the company does not provide any invoice,they just sent email order confirmation with every details shown in the email(my billing and shipping adress,order number,purchased quantity,cost of purchase,brand’s logo etc),and There is lots of seller on Amazon under at least 100 listings as Fba,some people say yes some said no about accepting email confirmation as invoice I m so confused


Yes, but you bought it from their retail (or consumer) site, and not directly from them or any of their wholesale distributors.

An Order Confirmation is nothing.

You should be able to print a copy of your order from where you purchased your product. Try and submit that. If it doesn’t work, locate one of their distributors and try again.


If the brand owner’s website doesn’t provide invoices, you can consider requesting a sales receipt or proof of purchase as an alternative.