Am I right in saying eBay + PayPal fees are more than selling on Amazon FBA?

Hey all,

just looking for a bit of guidance. We sell successfully on Amazon FBA and thinking about opening up an eBay account for growth.

My question is really around the fees. Why would anyone want to sell on Ebay, do their own posting and their own customer service for less money than simply doing Amazon FBA?

Really looking to hear from other Amazon FBA sellers who have branched out to Ebay.

Genuine question.

Thanks in advance

It really does depend on what you’re selling. I’m in collectible books and comics, and a great deal of what I do just doesn’t work on Amazon. Paypal is gone, ebay do it in house now, same as Amazon. I turned over £128K last year, eBay had 19% of that altogether. I took home £60K.


eBay have their own payment provider now, they don’t use Paypal so there are no paypal fees.

It’s unlikely eBay will provide much growth for you but it depends what you’re selling, we are doing 1/10th of what we used to sell on eBay, it’s a dying platform IMO. The fees are roughly the same for us as Amazon, so we sell on there because it’s still a 6 figure income for us and we had our eBay account way before we started Amazon several years ago!

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You should seriously consider eBay, multi channel fulfilment and auto listings, there’s a market that don’t shop on Amazon!

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Agree with @chantal, worth it all those that dont shop on Amazon. We also find that some product that dont hit on Amazon, fly on eBay. EBay is also great for customer returns. I would base it same as Amazon in terms of fees. If you get Top Rated status you can save a few points. Good Luck!

Top Rated + Premium Service, free google ads. 1to1 Concierge seller support. Underrated if all features are used properly

I would agree, i did £20k in january in my first calendar month in the uk and its a great little platform but it is category dependent sometimes.

Although it sounds wild but i was an experienced seller and had multiple ebay businesses over the years.

Hi @LPPSA would I be able to DM you to pick your brain on starting up on Amazon. I have two existing online stores but want to move part of the business to Amazon…so hard to find real life advice on all this

I sell on ebay too. One of the downsides of selling on ebay is it just emphasises how awful Amazon seller support is.

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850m visits per month approx, not as large as amazon but if you cant sell on ebay your product offering is either shit or your price point is poor.


You all say ebay doesn’t use Paypal. True, buyers now have the choice to pay without Paypal, but also still with Paypal if wished.

I try not to use Paypal for small amounts to spare sellers the fees, but:
1/ When it’s a big amount it gives me an extra layer of security (as ebay isn’t always helpful);
and 2/ I’ve asked several sellers whether non-paypal / direct ebay-only payments are free for them and what they prefer me to do, but most didn’t even reply and 2 said it was all the same to them (a bit confusing) - It would sound like ebay may be charging sellers something too, for making the bank transfer for us instead of Paypal, but I’m not sure.


Not sure what USA FBA fees are but in UK, they are criminally high.

I am currently running down stock of many of my FBA items as the fees have risen to a ridiculous extent. This started last year when Amazon started charging by volumetric weight.

I have one item for example, selling at £164.75 FBA and £155 FBM giving me the same profit margin. As most buyers don’t know that the Buy Box is not the only available offer, they see the high Prime price and move to someone else. Not having the high FBA offer will help to get more sales.