Am I able to get access to invoices older than those shown in the Tax Documents Library please?

I have only recently found the invoices in the Tax Documents Library but there is a time limit on them. I need invoices older than those shown in the library. Am I able to access older invoices please?

How far back do you need them ?
Mine go back to 2011

The ones I can see got back to August 2021 but my predecessor posted invoices up to January 2021 so they must exist somewhere I just don’t know where. I need the ones from Feb 21 to July 21

are you logging into the same account ? or was it transferred in anyway ? (as this forum account is brand new)
and are you logging in with the primary user credentials rather than secondary ?

We never set up a new user for me. I have continued to use her login. I’m not sure what level my credentials are.

It’s possible that neither of us have used the forum before.

I tried clicking on the help button at the bottom of the page but a new window opened saying Invalid Access

when was the amazon account opened ?
your seller details show that you started in 2016 and stopped in 2020 (presuming its the same Homescapes GB)

We have a number of similarly name companies. One finished in 2020 but another one , which is our current main trading company has invoices from Amazon Pay dated from Aug 2020 on the supplier account of our accounts software. I only took over in February 2021 which is when I failed to start checking for Amazon Pay invoices

Have you contacted SS ?

I haven’t been able to contact anyone as I cannot find any contact details and I am unable to access the Help facility

Why can’t you use the help section ?
Are you on the dashboard ?

Yes, But when I click the Seller Support link it says Invalid Access, You do not have permission to view this page