Already shipped FBA order refunded


does anyone know how long does it usually take after already mailed sale of book is refunded by Amazon to show back up as active to resale? Buyer cancelled the day the book was mailed. No reason was given for the return.

Thank you

Whether your book is returned to your inventory or not will depend on the disposition determined by the Fulfillment center that receives it.

You can view a list of returned FBA purchases in the FBA Customer Returns report. When a customer returns an item, they will assess the condition (disposition) of the returned item and then process the return based on the condition.

This report also includes a short description of reason for return as indicated by the customer.

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Typically, it takes a few days for a refunded book on Amazon to become active for resale after a buyer cancels the order. The exact timing can vary based on processing and verification.

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Thank you both, on August 19 Amazon sent me an email saying that they were initiating a refund. Since then the book has remained inactive out of stock

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Update… Amazon said book was damaged by customer and unsellable! The person cancelled it the day it was mailed. I don’t think the customer even got the book! It is a heavy book and I think Amazon didn’t package it well. I am having it returned to me because in the past, books were not damaged and I was able to resell. This always seems to happen on my expensive books

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Might be they bought a used marked up copy from one of the big time used book sellers and swapped it out for your fresh clean new copy so they can resell it on amazon or ebay as “new”. It is also a very good way to make money, better than doing online arbitrage.