All campaigns have ad groups that suddenly turn to “Not Approved” status

Hello Folks,

I have been using Amazon Sponsored Product ads for 5 years without trouble.

Yesterday I noticed all of my Ad Groups (Campaign > Ad Group) have status as “Not Approved”
I did not make any change to any of these ads.

Due to this issue all of my campaign are not running, sales near bottom !

Any one else noticing this ? It seems more than my account issue.
Support team notified but no help.

Appreciate your thoughts.

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Some Common Reasons:

  1. Review Advertising Policies: Ensure that your ads comply with Amazon’s advertising policies. Sometimes, changes in policies or guidelines can lead to ad disapproval. Review your ad content, including titles, descriptions, images, and landing pages, to ensure they meet Amazon’s guidelines.

  2. Check for Policy Violations: Double-check your campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads for any potential policy violations. Make sure you haven’t inadvertently violated any guidelines related to restricted products, pricing, claims, or prohibited content.

  3. Contact Support: Since you’ve already contacted the support team, it’s best to wait for their response. Keep following up with them and provide any additional information they might require.

  4. Review Recent Changes: Although you mentioned that you haven’t made any changes, it’s worth verifying if any recent updates or adjustments were made to your product listings, inventory, or campaigns that might have triggered the ad disapprove.

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Thank you