All ASINs accidentally moved into FBM

Someone has made a big mistake and all my 1000 asins moved to fbm. So far 5 sales. Do i cancel them? How do I change them back into FBA?

Units don’t move from FBA to FBM. If you want to change the SKU back to FBA - click the check box - click the drop down menu - click Change to FBA

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You could fulfill them with your FBA inventory using the Multi-Channel Fulfillment option of FBA.

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I think you might do the MCF by converting them into FBA again then fulfilling it with the MCF.

(I never done it before, but this might be the solution you can work on)

Maybe you can request to your customer to cancel their orders before the estimated shipdate come. If they can’t cancel the order, u need to convert the asins back to fba and fulfill it through MCF