Alibaba reselling advice


I will buy products from alibaba. The product is reliable. The supplier is reliable. I have a company in America.

If Amazon asks for an invoice during the sale, is the Alibaba invoice valid?

In what cases Amazon wants an invoice when selling products?

How can I invoice my company in America from alibaba?

If anyone has information about this, I would appreciate it if they share it.

Amazon only ask for invoices and certificates when you start selling gated items, for example food items, toys or beauty category.

And yes chinese suppliers invoices and certificates will work if they are authentic.


If you’re doing Private Label and your product falls into ungated categories, Amazon will not ask for invoices. If your products are in a Gated category, Amazon will ask for invoices. However, if you’re doing Wholesale/Arbitrage (reselling other brands) and buying products from Alibaba, Amazon will ask you for invoices and will never accept Alibaba invoices for items of other brands. They will block your listing.

Recently, two Amazon sellers contacted me. They purchased products from Alibaba for Arbitrage and started selling in the USA. Now, Amazon has blocked their listings, suspended their seller accounts, and is holding their money. So, all sellers, please avoid Alibaba for arbitrage."


It’s a brand. It’s not my brand. The product has been authenticated. There will also be people checking the product there. I have a warehouse there. Will there be a problem? Will they ask for an invoice? They have sellers. And I asked Amazon, there have been no violations on this product before. Is there still a problem?


Yes, There will be a high problem

Ali baba suppliers are manufacturers not any brand distributor or wholesaler

They can make any product for you. For other brand there all products are replica

For example If you’re selling USA brand, how it’s possible china supplier make USA product original

All brands have trademark

Once you buy products and sell once customers receive that’s Product they will give your complaint to brand and Amazon

After that brand will take action with the help of Amazon and remove and block all sellers account.

If you wanna sell other brand products contact that brand USA distributors and buy from them.


Authenticated by who? Alibaba! If it’s a brand, it’s counterfeit. Guaranteed!

I sell toys. They have produced popular products that I carry. Don’t let Alibaba tell you otherwise, but I can spot a counterfeit in 30 seconds or less. Amazon buyers are pretty smart. As soon as they get one of your counterfeit items, Amazon will shut you down.

If you are doing FBA, they will confiscate your inventory, and freeze any funds in your account. Which they will never release because it was generated selling counterfeit items.

There are plenty of manufacturers and/or wholesalers that you can open an account with. Buying counterfeit junk from Alibaba never ends well.


I agree with others. It’s not worth losing your nee account over Alibaba invoices

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