Advice with account deactivation

So, after being suspended by Amazon for inauthentic issue, it appears there is NOBODY who can fix this.

I’ve spent weeks speaking to numerous people and numerous companies about this and no-one can give real advice or information.

I will pay anyone £500 to get my Amazon account back, but it seems no-one can

Thing is most people cannot guarantee what Amazon will do. You feel you shouldn’t have to pay any of these people upfront. Which is understandable given the hacks around these parts. You should post more about the issue on this post. Be as detailed as you can be. Times dates, messages sent, type of products sold, like saying you where suspended doesn’t help anyone understand.

Unfortunately, Amazon takes as long as it wants to when it comes to fixing suspended accounts. The time frame really depends on what you’re sending them and why they haven’t unsuspended your account yet. If the “call me now” button isn’t visible, you may need to resubmit documentation or a plan of action. Have you included all the invoices and information related to this supplier in your plan of action? Is it a photograph or a downloaded document? There can be issues with downloaded documents, so it might be best to print and then take a photograph, ensuring all corners of the document are visible. Does it contain the correct information that Amazon has on file for you?

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Maybe @Akmal will be able to advise.


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