Dear Friends

I’m making a campaign but in the end of the month amazon debit:
Date Transaction type Order ID Product Details Total product charges Total promotional rebates Amazon fees Other Total
27 June Service Fees — Cost of Advertising €0.00 €0.00 -€62.59 €0.00 -€62.59
21 June Service Fees — Cost of Advertising €0.00 €0.00 -€2.48 €0.00 -€2.48

Orders Product charges €65.60
Promo rebates €0.00
Amazon fees -€33.72
Other (shipping & gift wrap credits) €7.98
Subtotal €39.86
Refunds Product charges
Subtotal €0.00
Selling Fees Cost of Advertising -€65.07
Subtotal -€65.07

I lose money, Which is the amount correct for not lose money?

Kind Regards

Two words for you - Keyword Research.

It will save you £,s.
And use Manuel, instead of the auto keyword feature to filter out the keywords that aint dong anything for you.
Might take you a month or so to see whats what, but you will bring down your ad costs, and make them work for you, not against you, or rather, your wallet !!

We also use auto keywords of batches of products that are very similar, so dont rule them out altogether

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