Advertising Updates

Does anybody know how often the advertising campaigns update? There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it and it is as though impressions and clicks don’t update at the same times. I would so love this to be in real time. I am sure the clicks used to be closer to real time on the old system.


The frequency of updates for advertising campaigns on Amazon can vary, and it’s important to understand that there might be a delay between certain metrics updating in your campaign. While Amazon strives to provide real-time data, there are several factors that can contribute to delays in updating impressions and clicks:

  1. Reporting lag: Amazon’s reporting system might have a slight delay in updating campaign metrics. It’s not uncommon for impressions and clicks to take some time to be reflected accurately in the reporting interface.
  2. System processing: Amazon’s backend systems process a vast amount of data from various sellers and advertisers. This processing can sometimes lead to delays in updating campaign metrics, as the system needs time to collect and analyze the data before displaying it in the interface.
  3. Time zones and data synchronization: If you’re operating in multiple regions or time zones, it’s important to consider that data synchronization across different systems might introduce slight delays. This can impact the real-time display of metrics in your campaign.
  4. Ad auction dynamics: Amazon’s ad auction system involves real-time bidding and competition among advertisers. The time it takes for an impression or click to update might depend on the frequency and intensity of bidding activity, as well as the ad placement and targeting criteria.

While Amazon does not provide an exact timeframe for when campaign metrics update, it’s generally recommended to allow at least 24 hours for data to fully populate and stabilize. This timeframe allows for data collection, processing, and synchronization across different systems.

If you believe there is an unusually long delay or inconsistency in the updating of impressions and clicks, it may be worth reaching out to Amazon’s support or advertising customer service for further assistance. They can provide more specific information about any technical issues or delays that might be affecting your campaigns.

Keep in mind that while real-time updates would be ideal, the slight delay in data availability is a common aspect of many advertising platforms. It’s important to have patience and consider a broader timeframe when analyzing campaign performance and making adjustments based on the available data.

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