Advertising Suppression

Morning all,

Apologies if this has been a recent topic, just wondering if others have experienced the following issue.

Up until recently, our brand had a number of headline ad #1 spots and healthy sponsored listing coverage. Then another brand took over all the headline spots and our listing coverage evaporated.

Tiny bit of investigation into that rival brand revealed Amazon are a supplier for one of their MVL options, so am I right in thinking Amazon has suppressed our coverage to favour their supplier?

Anyone else experienced this?


It’s not uncommon for changes in ad placement and coverage to raise questions, and your observations have led you to consider an interesting possibility. While I don’t have real-time data or the specifics of Amazon’s algorithm changes, I can offer some insights into potential factors that might be influencing the shift in ad placements:

  1. Competitor Activity: Changes in ad placements and coverage could be influenced by the activities of competitors. If a rival brand is heavily investing in advertising, it can impact your ad placements.
  2. Amazon’s Algorithm: Amazon’s algorithm takes into account various factors including relevance, bid, ad quality, conversion rate, and more. Changes in these factors can lead to fluctuations in ad placements.
  3. Supplier Relationships: While Amazon being a supplier for a brand’s MVL (Manufacturer’s Virtual Landing) page could potentially play a role, Amazon’s ad algorithms aim to provide the best user experience and don’t overtly favor Amazon’s own products.
  4. Ad Budget Allocation: If a competitor has increased their ad spend significantly, they might be winning more ad auctions, leading to increased ad placements.
  5. Ad Creative and Relevance: High-quality and relevant ad creatives that align well with user search queries and product listings tend to perform better in ad auctions.
  6. Dynamic Market Landscape: The Amazon marketplace is dynamic, with changes in consumer behavior, competition, and algorithm updates affecting ad placements.
  7. Listing Optimization: Regularly optimizing your product listings and refining your targeting strategies can positively impact ad performance.

If you suspect that your coverage has been affected by specific factors, it’s a good idea to investigate further, consider adjusting your ad strategies if needed, and potentially reach out to Amazon seller support for insights specific to your account and situation.