Advertising strategy for just launched product with no reviews

Hello everyone,

I’m a new brand owner on Amazon. I’ve recently launched my first product and currently have no reviews. How can I generate positive reviews or create effective ads?

I attempted to run an ad, but I’m encountering issues with ad qualification. I’m unsure why this is happening. I would greatly appreciate professional assistance.

Thank you!

Honestly just do Vine. It sucks, it’s expensive, but it allows you to move quickly. Any other way is technically not allowed, and there is a risk of getting caught. I tried waiting on organic reviews for a new product and it took me about 3 months to get some reviews.

Meanwhile, I did Vine for another product, had 28+ reviews in a month, and the sales started pouring in as soon as I had them.

Vine is super expensive, but so is 3+ months of low sales.


Why not try on your family and friends first atleast 5 people on your closed friends and ask them a product reviews to your products.

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Great tips

How much is to do the Vine ?


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I would, but seems risky since they all live nearby.

$200 sign up fee per product, the product itself, and the shipping fees. It was hard to watch the first month I launched my product, but it really paid off.