Advertising spend to achieve thousands of sales


I’m new here. I see everywhere on YouTube the sellers with all different types of products showing screenshots how they have seven thousand to 8,000 sales last month and from what I see they’re sponsored which means they’re paying for ads in order to get 8,000 sales a month.

What are you estimate you have to pay in advertising to Amazon monthly?

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Honestly your market determines how much you’ll spend. My best selling product did over $9,000 in two weeks before selling out with no ad spend.

I usually look for low reviews and a clear & value-able way to stand out.

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Why would someone who is paying advertising each month have to estimate what they are paying. Would they not just check their bill and know exactly !:thinking:

Secondly no two answers are going be the same or of any relevance to you. You need to look at the advertising cost of sales (acos)


Yeah, they were asking for an estimated cost on the advertising spend necessary to get 7-8000 sales monthly. This would vary wildly with each product/category, and the cost per click you set your per bid and daily parameters at.

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thanks for the information.

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It depends on your budget, PPC campaigns will be created according to the budget you have. For example, you have bought 500 units and as an example you will have to spend five dollars to bring an order. Thus your marketing budget is 2500 dollars. Five dollars, I have told you average, you can sell for less than that.