Advertising Spend Data is all over the place

Hi, I have noticed in the last few days that the daily advertising spend figure on my campaign, whist it used to be reasonably accurate on sort of real time, its not giving me a reasonably up to date sum of daily spend, when I check it during the day.

Only last week, it was really close to ‘real time’ but in the last few days, when I check it during the day, it seems ‘normal’ and leven though quite low (which it tens to be buy lunch time) then all of a sudden I log back on, and see that whilst the spend is registered very low, that I am out of budget.

I find this very frustrating, because I have no real way of tracking performance during the day.I like to do this. And I like to know when my daily budget is running out (so that I can either leave it, if it’s been a quiet day) or increase the spend, if I feel business is good. But even the ‘warning’ messages about being close to the end of daily budget do not always appear.

I worry that the registered spend is incorrect, and about not being able to manage my business on the platform properly.

Is it a glitch? Any way to rectify his?

Hi I have noticed the same.

I had it set up so Placement spend was controlled now when I look at the campaign the spend on first screen is few pounds and then when I look under placement it’s cleared the budget. As I said I never had this in the past