Advertising SKUS & Metrics

Just a quick question regarding the metrics amazon give you about how many people clicked on an advertisement and how many sales you have had from it

If i enable a Black Medium Hoodie on amazon advertising and someone clicks on it (obviously ill pay for that click) but if they then buy a Red Small for example would that class as a sale on the advertising metric or would it not be recorded as its not the SKU i paid for the click on


Amazon’s advertising metrics typically attribute sales to the specific SKU that was clicked on in the advertisement. So, if someone clicks on your Black Medium Hoodie ad and later purchases a Red Small Hoodie, it may not be directly attributed to the advertising campaign for the Black Medium Hoodie.

Amazon primarily tracks the performance of the advertised SKU and measures the sales generated from clicks on that specific SKU. Some attribution models, like “Attributed Sales” metric, will capture related sales within a certain timeframe if they can be reasonably associated with the initial click.