Advertising - sales from Clicks versus Organic

I have started advertising some 3 weeks ago, and am seeing a sales uplift (at a cost!)

However what I don’t fully understand is the relationship between sales from Clicks and organic sales and how PPC may (or may not) influence organic sales.

Because sales have increased but not all sales are a result of PPC (because there are more overall sales than just from PPC).

Does this mean that the advertising and resulting sales increase (and a few more reviews) has pushed up my organic listing higher, so that more folk are buying the product in question.

If you see what I mean?

I suppose I am asking, does PPC also help organic sales? If so, though ACOS is not brilliant in my case, I take some comfort in overall sales increase. Is this the right attitude to take?

Thank you

Yes, it’s definitely an investment for the long term. In addition, there are also various blog articles available on the internet with tips how to make a success out of PPC campaigns which you can review.