Advertising questions

Hi all,

Just started running my second advertising campaign which has been a great success from my 1st attempt.

Running my 1st campaign daily budget was £5.00 with PPC was set at 0.20p, I managed 16 impressions over 3 days with 3 clicks

I set my second campaign last night, daily budget set at £20.00 and PPC set at £1.00 and I have managed 90 impressions in 24 hours and rising but no clicks. I did add extra keywords to this campaign so that has obviously done the trick.

What would be the reason for having so many more impressions but no clicks? Just luck?

Also setting my daily budget, am I charged that amount every day or is it only when my clicks reach that limit?


Unfortunately, having impressions will never guarantee you clicks.

Based on the search terms which you entered, your adverts were displayed to customers and only the ones who found them to be relevant then decided to click on your listings to view them.

So I would advise you to review your keywords to ensure they are relevant to the products which you are selling.