Advertising not showing

Hi guys,

Recently i started advertising on some keywords with a broad match. But if I fill in those keywords on Amazon my ads are not showing. Important to notice that there are no advertisings showing at all. Is this to do with the product and keyword being to much of a niche? or are there other explanations?

Thanks for the help

When your ads are not showing for certain keywords with a broad match, there can be a few possible explanations. Let’s explore some potential reasons:

  1. Low search volume: It’s possible that the keywords you’re targeting have low search volume on Amazon. If there are not enough people searching for those specific keywords, it can result in limited or no ad impressions. Consider expanding your keyword list or exploring related keywords that have higher search volume.
  2. Competitive landscape: In some cases, the competition for certain keywords may be high, making it challenging for your ads to appear consistently. If other sellers or advertisers are aggressively bidding on the same keywords, it can limit the visibility of your ads. Consider monitoring your competitors’ strategies and adjusting your bid or keyword selection accordingly.
  3. Ad rank and relevancy: Amazon uses an algorithm to determine the ad rank, which determines the positioning and visibility of ads. Factors such as keyword relevancy, ad quality, and bid amount play a role in determining your ad’s eligibility and placement. If your ad lacks relevancy or doesn’t meet Amazon’s ad quality standards, it may not be displayed. Review your ad content, landing pages, and ensure they align closely with the targeted keywords.
  4. Budget constraints: If you have set daily budget limits for your campaigns, it’s possible that your ads are not being shown due to exhausted budgets. Evaluate your campaign budgets and adjust them accordingly to ensure sufficient funds for ad delivery.
  5. Time and campaign optimization: It may take some time for Amazon’s advertising system to gather data and optimize your campaigns. New campaigns or recently added keywords might need some time to gain momentum and start showing consistent ad impressions. Monitor your campaigns closely, analyze the performance data, and make necessary adjustments to improve visibility.

It’s important to note that each advertising campaign is unique, and there could be other factors at play. I recommend closely monitoring your campaigns, adjusting your keyword strategy, and refining your ad content to improve visibility and reach. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Amazon Advertising Support for further assistance and insights specific to your account.