Advertising New products

Hi All

We are new to selling on Amazon. We have set up our whole range in the inventory and made sure there are no problems, so that everything is Active. But what happens now??? We have by luck received 1 order which has been processed and completed [fulfilled by us, as we need the stock for other outlets]. But our question is please how can we get our product recognised by buyers. We obviously come way down the list when someone searches generically for “Mens Shoes” so unless they know our brand already, we do not get seen. We have tried to run an ad campaign, but without the “Buy Box” this is not active and even though we are the only people selling our product we cannot win the “Buy Box” until we have shown Good conduct in the way we deal with orders - which we cannot get!!! Can anyone please give any advice on how they got started on Amazon and the best way to generate sales.
Many thanks

You just got to hold tight and get those first initial sales in before you start marketing.

I’d recommend starting off with Auto campaigns if you’re new to PPC and then eventually moving all the converting keywords from your auto campaign to a manual campaign.

After a while you should start registering your brand with amazon, this will give you to sponsored brand adverts which work great for brand awareness and driving people to your store page (It’s predicted that Amazon will be updated the store fronts in 2019 so customers can find your brand easily).

I think most people would agree that the key to generating sales would be:

  1. Have great listings (Brilliant images/converting copy/targeted keywords/search terms)
  2. Have some stock in FBA
  3. Use sponsored product advertising
  4. Try and get reviews as soon as possible

I can’t think of anything else right now but I’m sure people will be able to add to this list

Best of luck