Advertising deduction is higher than actual cost

Please can anyone explain:

Why the total daily spend on advertising for the period 14-28 June, (as detailed in Advertising Reports) is around £370, yet the amount deducted for the same period from my account is £600. I am aware that VAT is added to the advertising cost, yet this still means that the charge was £500.

So I’ve totalled each day 14-18th and it’s approx £370. Where is the other £130 coming from that I am being charged on my Reports, Payments, Statement View, Invoice? £600 is being deducted from my account as “Cost of Advertising” on the main invoice.

To determine the exact breakdown of the charges, you may need to review your invoices and statements more closely. The “Cost of Advertising” listed on the main invoice might include other charges or fees related to your advertising campaigns, such as advertising services or additional promotional features.