Advertising Clicks


Is possible to see the clicks advertising campaign advertising by IP address and location in a report form.

I found the information below but could not find by IP address.

Traffic Validation

Traffic validation identifies invalid clicks that are illegitimate, accidental, or machine generated. Invalid clicks are removed from your click metrics to ensure you are not charged for these clicks.

The majority of these invalid clicks are removed the same day they occur, however some click validation may take up to three days to be accurately reflected in the sales metrics in Campaign Manager and in your reports. As a result, metrics from the most recent three days might fluctuate from time to time.

If we identify invalid clicks after the initial reporting, your click and spend data will be restated in Campaign Manager and in future reports that you run. We are not able to provide a report detailing invalid clicks at this time, however you will only be charged for valid clicks.

Identifying Invalid Clicks

We use click-validation software to determine if a click is invalid. Our software reviews all clicks received on your ads, and each click is analyzed to identify patterns of invalid clicks.

Clicks may be invalidated for the following reasons:
•Unusual click patterns
•Clicks identified as being machine generated
•Duplicated clicks

Thanks for any help.

I’m afraid that it is not possible to obtain this information.
There is no report provided with the IP address and/or location. From what I am aware there are no plans to introduce this.