Adverting Ranking Suddently Disapperar with front 20 pages with buget and bidding is enought

Hello Guys,

Is there anybody meeting the folllowing situation recently? Germany Site. One of my item sells around 1 month, before 3th December, my main keywords always appear on 1st Page, but after that, all my main keywords didn’t show any adverting ranking even whithin 20 pages.

I inquired customer support, they said my advetisement compaigne is normally delivering and have impressions, can’t find out problems. And let me check whether there is any mistake in following potentials:
Campaign has been created too recently and is not configured correctly yet

  • Competing bids for the same keywords bid are higher, making your search results show up far down or not at all
  • Your location settings will not show your ads, as the product is not set to be delivered to your set location
  • Keywords are not eligible for the search query, as search terms have to be improved
  • Your daily budget has already been used up

All the above i have no problems, and i tried to accelerate my bidding to 2 euros , still never show ranking within 20pages, is so irnorma!!! Who meet same stuation with me and give me a favor?

Could be a case where your listing is not indexed for these main keywords.
Try adding these keywords to your search terms/title/bullet points and see if there’s any improvement