Add videos to your listings to help improve sales

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

You can now add video content to your product pages if you’ve been selling on Amazon for three months or longer. Adding video content can help you boost sales, improve conversion and decrease returns.

Both brand-registered and non-brand-registered sellers can add videos.

Video has become a core part of the shopping experience. Customers use video to discover products, make informed purchasing decisions and engage with creators and communities they trust.

You can add video content for each step of the customer journey, including product demonstrations, installation guides and set-up videos. To get more out of your existing content, consider reposting short-form social media or website videos on your Amazon listings or brand pages.

Good production quality doesn’t have to mean a high budget. Instead, focus on creating clear and authentic video content.

To get started, go to our video upload page . You’ll find instructions, troubleshooting help and best practices to help you maximise video placements.