Ad priority within ad group


I’ve got three campaigns running in PPC and have two product ads grouped together as one ad group in each campaign. For some search terms Amazon only allocate one sponsored product ad at the top and this is sometimes being given to the more expensive of my two products which doesn’t sell as much as the other one.

Is there any way of giving priority to the cheaper of the two products from within the ad group or is my only option to set up a separate campaign for each product and then bid less for the more expensive one? If I do this, am I not effectively bidding against myself and paying twice as much for PPC?

Many thank

Regarding your concern about bidding against yourself and paying twice as much for PPC, it’s essential to manage your bids strategically. By using a separate campaign for each product and carefully setting bid amounts, you can avoid unnecessary competition between your own products. Additionally, Amazon’s algorithm will take into account bid amounts and relevancy when determining which ad to display, aiming to show the most relevant and competitive ad to users.