Ad Campaign - Suggested Bids

Has anyone else noticed that the Ad Campaign Manager pages have changed (yesterday for me).

I’m not really that concerned about the new lick of paint, but the old version always had a ‘Suggested Bid’ next to each row, and allowed you to ‘Apply’ the recommendation with the click of a button.
That feature seems to have disappeared but I can’t find any communication or detail about it at all, and typing ‘Suggested Bid’ in to the help pages still refers to it working just like it used to.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing, or is it just that my ad valuations are so precise that the buttons won’t show up unless the suggestion would be significantly different?

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If you are unable to find the ‘Suggested Bid’ feature that was previously available, it’s possible that Amazon has made adjustments to how bid suggestions are displayed or implemented. Sometimes, changes to features may vary based on the individual ad campaigns and their specific settings.