I have a bit of a dilema. I operate 2 brands under my 1 seller central account and an planning on selling 1 of them in a year or so. Having lumped all the accounts into 1 sole trading company im now looking to move to a LTD. How an earth so a seperate the brands accounting wise? Can i only transfer some ASIN’s into accounting software or if this not possible?! Anyone else have this problem of 2 + brands under 1 seller central and trying to seperate for a sale prooving tricky?!? Any ideas PLEASE!! Im happy to keep 2 seperate accounts for 2 seperate LTD but seperating in on Amazon is where im stuck! unless i input sales data manually to Xero/ Sage?!


If you have a buyer, you can just pull that data for one brand by ASIn during due diligence. not that difficult.


if you log into your brand registry account (it’s separate to seller central) there’s options for you to send an invitations to other merchants and give them permission to sell your branded products.

I can only assume as I haven’t done it yet that you could give permission to your new company/SC account so you can start selling via your new company


regarding ownership of trademarks and brands, I’m sure it’s something that brand registry can do this via raising a case and production of correct documents but do the setting up if new company’s SC so your all verified etc

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