Account Under Review

Hello. UK based here. Could someone please help? I received a Performance Notification to say that my account is under review. I had 6 of this on my inventory ASIN: B07WPVQ7YT. It was blocked because of pricing. RRP was £39.99 and I listed it as £49.99. I never sold any time and I created a removal order to myself but also sent it to 2 other family members. I forgot to use MFC. It’s a listing violation, do I appeal on fair pricing? listing restrictions (claims of anti microbial)?

Thank you soo much.

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You have violated of the Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy (Amazon). The price per unit on multipack ASINs must be equal to or lower than the price of a single unit of the same product. The price per unit also cannot be significantly higher than recent prices offered on or off Amazon.

Unfortunately, Amazon is now strictly enforcing the Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy.

I can only suggest you to lower the price and wait to see if it gets reactivated and the defect disappears.