Account score went from 200 to 196 due to customer complaint

Hi there I need help please and thanks!

A week ago a customer questioned authenticity of a Nike shorts she purchased…I bought in store at Burlington I don’t have an invoice, I only have an email receipt and Amazon is not accepting it … my account health went from 200 to 196

…any advice is appreciated…

click refund and move on.

Just feel lucky you still have account with amazon.

I am assuming you sold those used shorts as new, they are not new unless you are an authorized reseller. Activist buyers know this, that is how they get stuff for free. If you don’t refund the issue will escalate and who knows what will happen.


Thank you, I did reach out to the customer immediately but received no response. I will just refund and move on.

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I totally hate to say to refund, however you are fighting a lost cause with that.

At this point it is just damage control, hope if works out for you and you have learned your lesson well with this.

Big box store to amazon arbitrage is the life blood of amazon and the majority of sellers are doing it. Until the issue is pressed by either an amazon customer or brand or what ever.

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Same problem, anyone please help