Account maintenance

Even though I am not actively selling through FBA right now, I received an email today from Amazon regarding my settings for inventory that’s gone stale. I thought that was curious so I looked into it. I looked at all my settings and everything was fine except that when I was located last summer I didn’t realize I had to make a separate address change in my FBA settings as well. This is a weakness with maintaining our accounts on Amazon and that it can be difficult with those with a multitude of accounts to remember to change each and every one. Amazon should have a way for universal change. It couldn’t hurt.

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Hello Onnie,

were you ever doing FBA. I thought you told me previously that your were preparing books inventory for shipment into Amazon’s warehouse. If you sold anything and some of the units laters got returned by buyers or they were lost / reserved / researching, then it is possible that they now appeared in your inventory and some of them may be unsellable.

When you go to Manage Inventory and select to view Fulfilled by Amazon inventory, what are you seeing? Are there any listings?

I dabbled selling books with FBA for a year, mid 2021 to mid 2022. I didn’t sell enough for it to be effective.

When I look at my FBA screens it shows that I have nothing in FBA. I received the last straggler in August 2022 just before I moved. I just don’t know why Amazon was still showing my old address under FBA.


Could you copy here the wording of the e-mail which you received from Amazon to see, what could it be?