Account level reserve

So i have sold about 20 items within the past couple weeks but i still have not yet received any payment.

Just says “account level reserve” and balance is zero like what is going on do i need to make a certain amount to get paid ??

What is account level reserve?

It is a normal part of selling on Amazon to see funds in the Account level reserve section of the Statement View tab on your Payments report. It’s the amount of money that is reserved to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfill any financial obligations, such as refunds, claims, or chargebacks.

This common, especially for new sellers. There is nothing you can do about it other than wait. They will release your funds at some point. You just need to be patient.


Amazon will hold onto your money to cover any possible future costs of claims/returns. You should see it go down after awhile but it can take time. It is not just for new sellers either but is most common with them. The other thing that can stop you being paid is your charge method if its not verified, so worth checking also.